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Since Lassen is, after all, a fairly active volcano (geologically speaking), we had to squeeze in one shot of the evidence of recent eruptions from here at the peak. Looking northwest from the summit, you can easily see the following:

  • In the top center of this picture is the bowl-shaped depression of the crater from the 1917 eruption.
  • Just below it to the right is the 1915-16 crater.
  • Most of the rest of this picture (running from right to left across the middle) are the jumbled black rocks of the 1915 dacite lava flow which obliterated craters from 1914-15 and earlier as it flowed across the top of the peak.
  • Just to the right of this picture would be the head of the great mudflow / avalanche which created the Devastated Area down the northeast side of the mountain.

The next time we make the climb, we'll definitely get on the trail earlier so we'll have more time to poke around these "mouths" of the volcano!

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