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Everybody stops at the Vista Point at the north end of the bridge to take pictures, but how many folks stop to read the poem on this plaque?


Born and raised in San Francisco,
the pride of "the bear flag state,"
my heart knows it's coming home,
when I cross the Golden Gate.

Greeting Marin County,
she spans the ocean's roar,
connecting to the headlands,
rolling hills and rocky shore.

Born of a dream:
"It can't be done!" they cried.
But gallantly she stands,
A monument to man,
his aspirations and his pride.

Lofty spires reaching for the sky,
royal arches beckon you,
she's the nugget of the West Coast,
queen of the Pacific blue.

Circling her towers
are crowns of silver mist,
peeking through the fog banks
Mister Sun blows her a kiss.

Smiling a sunny welcome,
to strangers out at sea,
feeling her outstretched arms
is coming home to me!

We love our Marin County,
our emerald by the bay,
and to the glorious Golden Gate,
happy 50th birthday!

Written by Judy Borello

© 2000-1, the evohrs