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This recipe comes from Great-Grammie, who used to bake them for Paul when he was a boy. Bryn first baked it in June 2009 for her summer birthday celebration at school.

2/3c margarine
1c brown sugar
4c oatmeal
1/2c light syrup
1 (6oz) Choc Chips
2/3c crunchy Peanut Butter

Cream butter, sugar, syrup and oatmeal. Add vanilla and salt. Stir to blend. Press firmly into 9x13 pan. Bake 375° for 12-15 min.

Do not overbake. Cool.

Melt choc bits and peanut butter. When bars have cooled slightly, spread with melted topping. Place in refrigerator to harden. Cut in small pieces. Best kept in refrigerator.

Makes 24.

The recipe in Great-Grammie's handwriting.

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